Yendang/ Yadang People of Nigeria and Cameroon

Yendang/ Yadang People of Nigeria and Cameroon.

Yedang People can be found in Northeastern Nigeria and Southwestern Cameroon, they are part of the Leko nimbari group of the savanna languages also they are group into sub- groups such as Mumuye, Yendang , Kusheki, Yoti, Bali, Kugama, Kpasam, Gengle, Kumba, Sate, Teme and Waka it is said the Benue river flows through Nigeria Adamawa and Taraba States. Yendang are located in Adamawa and Taraba States places like Mayo Belwa, Yoro, Lau, Karim Lamido and Jalingo a village quarter of Yola and According to Yendang Anthropologist they migrated from Present day Lake Chad and settled in Northern Abyssinia Present day Northern part of Ethiopia and migrated to Present day Mauritania while in Mauritania they split into groups such as Mumuye, Kusheki, Yoti, Bali, Kugama, Kpasam, Gengle, Teme and Waka then migrated further north to Present day Togo and Benin finally to Present day Niger during their migration to Niger they slipt and formed group known as Kumba, Yendang migrated westward from Present day Niger and finally settled in their homeland Present day Nigeria and Cameroon approximately 2nd Century AD.

Yendang/ Yadang People of Nigeria and Cameroon.Yendang and Kanuri were part of the Kanem- Bornu Empire from 9th Century AD onward and lasted as an Independent Kingdom until the 1900 the Kanem- Bornu Empire extended to Present day Nigeria and Present day Chad due to Islamization Yendang left in 1068AD during the rise of the Sayfawa dynasty and also refused to convert to Islam but rather praticed their own spirituality, North African Arab traders and Arab traders brought Islamic Religion which was the main function that influenced the Kanem States towards 1068 , Hummay established Sayfawa and was already a muslim discarded the last Duguwa King Selma from power and established the new dynasty of the Sayfawa. Islam was believed to be offered the Sayfawa rulers the advantage of new ideas from Arabia and Mediterranean and Hummay had assumed power on basis of his strong Islamic following, Yendang who left Kanem- Bornu Empire and founded their smallest Kingdom known as Yandang Empire around 12th Century AD their Ancestral belief concept Sun god is known as Rubi, It is believed that good forces make the Sun stand and he is considered to be the Creator it is believed due to the European missionaries a lot of them lost their connection to their heritage. According to Asabeq some of the languages are spoken across the border in neighbouring Cameroon such as Jukun, Kpan, Fulfude, Etikywan ( Icen), Samba daka, Samba leko, Tiv and Yendang and they carved masks and sculptures, Adamawa Ugbangi extended thoroughout Northern Cameroon, Northwest Nigeria, Southern Chad, Central African Republic, Northern Gabon, Dr. Congo and Southwestern Sudan even Yendang also make pots with clay. In Cameroon It is claimed Yendang settled along the Nyong river east of Abong Mbang in Northern rain forest which roughly parallels that of lower Sanaga river and follows westerly direction Into Gulf of Guinea and South- Southwestern of Edèa rapids break the flows of the river at Mbalmayo and Dèhane and agriculture is important economic factor amomg Yendang and they celebrate annual new crop festivals the abundance of many crops the day for harvesting and during Gorbi Yandang festival they gather as one people and celebrate this day playing drums and playing traditional flute also they wear mask for masquarade traditional dance as well

Written By: Kwame Selikem Okatakyie Yeboah

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