Righteous Living

Righteous Living

One topic which is not often discussed is that of righteous living, specifically as it relates to the idea of ultimate payment for our actions here on Aiye (earth) or in the afterlife in Orun (heaven). While seeming a judeo-christian concept, these are in fact ideas which permeate many spiriualities, including Ifa. For instance, Ifa says;Ogunda bede (Ogunda Ogbe)

Eke a pa elekee, Odale a pa Odale, Oun ti a ba se nisale ile, Oju Olodumare nii too Dia fun Amookun-se-ole, To ni oba aye ko ri oun, Bi oba aye ko ri o nko,Oju Olodumare nwo o

Lying (gossiping) will kill the liar,Betrayal will kill the betrayer, Whatever you do in a hidden place, Almighty Olodumare is aware of, These are the declarations of the  oracle to he who uses cover of darkness to steal, And he says nobody takes notice, If worldly kings did not see you. Almighty Olodumare is looking at you

Certainly, here we are left with the clear idea that although our transgression may not be viewed by the authorities, there is a divine authority, Olodumare, which will take notice and exercise justice in the end. Though I have not yet found Odu regarding the gate of heaven where we dig our “pit of sorrows” as noted by Chief Elebuibon in “The Healing Power of Sacrifice”, I do believe that there is a link to between our earthly activities and our digging and subsequent filling of our pit of sorrows. I believe it’s in the pit of sorrows that we dig for the transgression that we have committed in earlier incarnations, hoping to avoid those problems again. And finally after our digging and filling, we are allowed to incarnate on Aiye once again. The idea of incarnation is clarified for us in the Odu Ika Ofun, which states:Aje bori ogbon, Otosi so opo oro, A bu ni lole omo oun ti nse’ni, A kunle a yan eda A dele aye tan, Oju n kan gbogbo wa, Eda ose pada loo yan omiran, Ayafi bi a taye wa

Wealth surpasses wisdom, A poor person utters ineffective words. Those who castigate us as being lazy do not understand our predicaments, We knelt down and chose our destiny (in heaven), While on earth, We are all in a hurry, We cannot go and change our destiny, Unless we re-incarnate.

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