The African Presence in Early Arabia

The African Presence in Early Arabia.

The Arabian Pennisula was the early populated by Africans and dominated over the entire peninsula, Africans presence in Early Arabia is most clearly traceable throughout Sabeans also the Southwestern corner of the peninsula was believed to be their Ancinet home, the area today is now Present day Yemen, the period before the middle ages this region gave rise to a high degree of Civilization because of the growth of frankincense which is the aromatic resin used in Incense and perfumes and myrrh which is used throughout history as a perfume, Incense and medicine . The City of Makkab was considered to be the holy place and destination of pilgrims long before the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him , united the whole Present day Saudi Arabia which appeared to have had a prominent of African heritage and According to Anthropologist Al- Jahiz the guardian of Kaaba, Abd- al- Muttalib meaning ” fathered ten Lords, Black as the night and magnificent one of them was Abdallah the father of Muhammad, the first Muslim who assassinated was an African and Bilal as well it was such a crucial figure or pivotal figure in the development of Islam that he has been referred as a third of faith.

The African Presence in Early ArabiaMany earliest African converted to Islam and they were faithful sought in Present day Ethiopia because of the Intial Arabian hostility of Muhammad’s teachings. It is believed that the relationship caused Muhammad to declare that, ” Who ever who brings an Ethiopian man or woman into his house brings the blessings of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and According to Dr. Wesley Muhammad he gives an account of the African Presence in Ancient Arabia, many of these controversies demonstrated that Arabia and Ethiopia shared a common Civilization the cultural complex gas its name as Afrabia, that the first Arabs and earliest Muslims were Blacks until Aryan takeover around 750AD. The earliest Africans in Europe , Fiji, China, Japan, Arabia and India were described as Black people and the Original Arabs were believed to identify themselves as dark skin as a marker of authenticity, and considered pale skin as a sign that they were never the Original Arabs and the Ethiopian forefathers during the Arabian Civilization later occupied modern day Arabia and Julian Baldick discovered throughout his discovery and research that an Arabian god known as Almaqah was a Black god in 1998 later it was believed Almaqah became prototype for many of the high gods of Ancient Arabia, Almaqah was described as a Sun god similar to Amun Ra and In early tradition the Arabia was been described as Ethiopian and it is claimed that early Greeks used the term ” Ethiopia” not only for Ancient Arabia but Ancient Syria, Ancient Armenia but between the Mediterranean, Erythraean Sea which means the Indian and Persian Gulf. According to Anati Arabia was only separated from Ancient Ethiopia by the Red Sea they would decided that the Old race of the Upper Nile early send colonies across the Sea and built up cities and the communities along the opposite Arabian Coast this happening before the founding of Memphis or the colonization of Chaldea , Arabia sites share pottery styles, language and other cultural element in the horn of Africa further Inland, In Kerma and Southernmost Egypt by 2500 BC.

Source & Written By: Kwame Selikem Okatakyie Yeboah

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